About us

The Principals of Urban Renewal Partners, LLC (URP) have created an investment platform that is focused on well-located multifamily properties in select infill downtown CBD and Suburban in-fill locations. We also seek locations near major universities, and in withing cities that are being revitalized in the downtown core with a Live-Work-Play attitude.


We are selectively focused on a specialty niche product-type in the multifamily industry that we believe holds the promise of better long term intrinsic real estate value due to location and uniqueness of character. URP believes higher density, urban infill trends will reward our strategy through longer-term appreciation of the actual real estate, while we work hard to provide attractive income growth through the holding period. URP seeks to buy in markets and select deal sizes below major institutional equity players. We believe that larger and newer properties are overpriced due to the vast amount of equity chasing those assets. We are well-suited to acquire from private owners and apply institutional practices and capabilities to scale operations over a diversified portfolio of medium-size properties.


URP is a private equity investment platform that acquires value add and opportunistic real estate investments that need moderate to heavy rehab on a mid to long term investment horizon. Recently founded, URP is a freshly minted firm, but our principals are experienced real estate and private equity investment professionals that average over 15 years of experience in the industry, with over $4 billion in transactional experiences through investment banking, real estate investment sales, and private equity capital placement with some of the premier real estate operators throughout the country.


The URP team is focused on maximizing investor returns by increasing net operating income during the holding period through a hands-on management style of heavy renovation and aggressive lease-up/re-leasing. Since its inception, URP seeks to provide its investors with a solid cash-flow stream in the high single digits, targeting a 15% IRR or greater. We focus on catering to the millennial generation who are renting longer than previous generations, but seeking the upgrades that ownership provides such as technology and other upscale amenities. Each Property is named individually, and we create a custom design and marketing plan around each property.


We hope you will connect with us to learn more!